Thursday, June 3, 2010

competing in a competitive competition

I entered my first fashion competition a few days ago, The experience was interesting...from preparing for it, designing the garment was probably the easiest part of the whole process and as well as buying the fabric!
I started designing my oufit a month in advance, Which is the best way that I can work, Because a person might want to change a few things on their garment or even change the whole thing (not a wise choice). after organizing and placing the whole garment together...the hard part was starting SEWING eeeek, it gets very frustrating especially when you loose your focus and don't sew straight or you sew the wrong area. The garment got attacked me a few times...not sure how that happened but it did...Unpicking is extremely irritating and you have to have patiences to do so!
The technic with attaching parts of the garment together has to be exact and measured correctly, which is understandable...a lopsided garment is not a very well done one or in some fashion designers cases it's purposely done!!! When the judging day came, everyone was stressed out, sewing up the finishing touches, preparing the models and all that effort will be displayed infront of the judges...GULP! Everyone looks at everyones designs criticizing and admiring! there are a few mean people in design but if you are confident and stay true to will be safe!    

Hmmm...I didnt make it throught to the second round but I'm proud of my design even though there were a few mistakes, it's a learning curve which I'm happy/inspired to correct next time!!!