Sunday, December 1, 2013


On another rainy day in Durban, I went to an event at The Factory Café, the events there never disappoint!
The Factory Café was beautiful decorated with fairy lights everywhere adding to the ambiance. Everyone was well turned out there were magnificent beards on display (just to clarify talking about the men here).
The ladies attending all wore pretty dresses and sandals.
This was not your average event, it was a pop-up shop.

For those who don’t know, it’s a short -term retail space for young entrepreneurs testing the market. So basically all the people that were there, were interested in the designs of Jane Sews

While looking through the clothes I was imagining where I would wear them, probably a luncheon or a picnic in the park. The clothes are perfect for summer. Jane Sews clothing are high end, the fabric is of good quality and is luxurious, added to that they are beautiful sewn.

A cool concept to her pop-up shop was a group of pretty girls dressed in her designs on stage acting and dancing to old school beats. Everyone seemed to enjoy this different type of “modeling” they looked happy to be there, unlike the usual ramp modeling. She celebrates the female form in timeless high quality fabrics, catering for the twenty to thirty year olds.

All in all it was a good evening and a great turn out for one of Durban’s homegrown designers. I am excited to see more designers getting our support.