Friday, August 24, 2012


Photography: Byron Du Bois
Model: Tamryn Burger (me)
Stylist and Designers: Cherazade Van Der Westhuizen and Farran-Jade Beaumont.
Hair + make up: Basically everyone

I did a shoot for a good friend of my who owns Cinnamon vintage inspired clothing. Lovely clothes and lovely people.
"The creative minds behind Cinnamon are two childhood friends Cherazade Van Der Westhuizen and Farran-Jade Beaumont. Both Designers share a taste in refined design. It was a natural progression that this duo would join forces to create a superb brand.

These young designers have created a brand that truly captures the free-spirited women.

Utterly addictive and easy-to-wear feminine pieces in soft neutral palettes are a testament to their philosophy. Cinnamon has a distinctly flirtatious edge, contouring cuts and ultra luxe choice in fabrics. Striking a balance between timeless and modern". Cinnamon.