Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MINKPINK Global roadtrip 2012

“Get Your Sway On” Tank
“Repeat After Me” Palazzo Pants
“Chain Reaction” Bustier
“Chain reaction” Mini Skirt
"Tropical” Boyfriend Tank
“My Girl” Sleeveless Shirt
“Blue Collar” Sleeveless Denim Shirt
“Zimbabwee” Waisted Shorts
“Greensleeves” Crochet Jumper
“Cheeky Stud - Mint” Waisted Shorts
“Newport” Dress
“Mexicana” Mini Dress
“Mixed Media” Dress
“Repeat After Me” Tunic Sleeveless Shirt
"Eagle Rock” Tunic Tank
“Decedance” Waisted Shorts
“Flamingo Springs” Tank
“Butterfly farm” Skinny Jeans

“Mirror Mirror” Mini Dress
“Honolulu” Dress
“Take Me To Waikiki” Crop Top
“Take Me To Waikiki” Mini Skirt
“Lolita” Lace Crop Top
“Mirror Mirror” Mini Skirt
“Meow” Tank
“Super Cheeky - Denim” Slashed Waisted Shorts
“Censored” Tank
“Follow The Sun” Waisted Shorts


For more pictures from this fun shoot click the link :) http://minkpink.com/