Friday, January 27, 2012

Where is my mind

I cut my jeans super short so they are super cheeky
I heart my bed all day ever day.
Roses are beautiful but they don't smell pretty.
Why is Miley Cyrus in almost every fashion blog I've seen?!
I'm starting to make bikinis, there are hard then they look especially when it comes down to making them.
Pimp your collars!!!
Leather/pleather pants are in again. 
I wish the sky would look like this it would be amazing!

I started surfing again I'm so rusty its ridiculous.

Coldplay always has the best lyrics
The nails are gross but the rings and tattoo are cool! I'm never without jewellery...I would feel naked
hahahaaha...I love this

I love bonfires I prefer them then going out partying.