Thursday, January 12, 2012

A little bit of twenty twelve

D.I.Y your shorts: cut and rip but watch out you don't rip the wrong areas...They might not be unwearable.
Graphic T-shirts will always be in style, the more epic the graphic the more stylish it will look :)
Tanned heels go with almost everything and they are preeeeetty  especially when you have a tan to match:)
I thought this was funny and hopefully will make someone giggle too:)
Be goofy. Be fun. Be whoever you want to be.
Buy a pet, animals are amazing and they deserve a lovely owner and home! This little thing is just way too precious <3
Don't be a loser. Go against this trend
I would love to get lost on an exotic island! 
Have your own creative style!!! Take photos of your outfit before you leave the house.
Frozen yogurt and sorbet all the way. But I think people over indulge because its healthier than isn't
No one likes games players!

According to Gaga mint is in this year. I like her prediction!
Believe in something even though its extreme or non-existant right now, you got to dream it to believe it and have hope! I believe in unicorns...NOT but they would be pretty cool if they did exists!