Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Summer Essentials

FREIND: You can't have a summer holiday without a bunch of great mates...would be boring!!!
SHORTS: The best essentials for summer are of course sexy shorts for day and night vibe
LEATHER: I love it full stop

TURBINE TIME: This a big trend at the moment...some people suit it and some don't. I look like I have a massive head but lucky those who can pull it off :)
HAPPINESS: Sea, Air & Sun! How can you not feel happy 
TRIBAL: On bags, clothes and bikinis I'm obsessed with tribal prints its ridiculous 
SHOES: If anyone has a pair of Jeffery Campbell's you are one lucky puppy...Mine are still pending (sad face).
MIXED TAPE: Time you start downloading summer chilled music.
HAT: Protect your face with a stylish hat because no one wants wrinkles or sun damage Eeeow.

SECTOR9: It's the best way to get a tan, exercise and have fun. Everyone should own one, because you're missing out if you don't have one.

True story.