Tuesday, May 24, 2011

031 Collection: Durbans finalists featuring Agyness Deyn

This was a big event for Durban fashion designers and I was excited to be in the front row watching. I'm  proud of Mr Price they did an outstanding job. All  the designers where unique and interesting.

Some designs where over the top to create that shock tactic for example Terrance Bray's underwear inspired collection sure made an impact and left the audience speechless. The event came together and I had a climpse of Agyness Deyn which made me very happy. I'm looking forward to the next fashion show.

Well done to all the designers: Belinda Morgan, Ruff Tung, Hanrie Lues, Nguni Shades, Kaila Goss, Leigh Schubert, Claire Mackenzie, Sibu Msimang, Cindy Armstrong, Amanda Laird Cherry, Jacqui Emmanuel, Terrence Bray, Gregory  Dladla, The holmes brothers, Ludwig Bezuidenhout and Francois Vedemme.     
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Terrence Bray's Designs
Jacqui Emmanuel new designer for Mr Price
Francois Vedemme Designs
Gregory Dladla New designer for Mr Price
Holmes brothers collect
Cindy Armstrong collection
 Amanda laird cherry designs